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Finding part of a word, as in "find Smith" finds "JoeSmithWilliams"

Question asked by tlmurray on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Malcolm

I made a large database of our server with only two fields: the path with no filename and the filename in its own field. Both fields are fully indexed


There may be "Joe_Smith_Williams" or "Joe Williams" or whatever. But I know two criteria will find what I need, I'd like to first find "Joe", then constrain the set that also has "Williams". But if the record has "JoeSmithWilliams" with no spaces then Joe is found, but Smith and Williams are not. It seems that if an alphabetic character (have not tested numeric) appears before a string, that string is not found. Special characters (-, /, _) are okay.


Any idea how to find Smith or Williams in my bunch of Joes?