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Designing for Performance with Calculated Fields

Question asked by Malcolm on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by Malcolm

I wonder what generates the greatest load on FMP when using calculation fields. Should we re-use calculation fields within other calculation fields or should we reference the original data fields? Here is an example that I'm borrowing from another thread.


I have  two  fields:

  • c_Concept:  If ( Expense  = "Variable Expenses" ; Concept ; "")
  • c_Amount:   If ( isempty ( c_Concept  ) ; "" ; Amount  )


For ease of maintenance, this method is very good. It is only necessary to update the field c_Concept.


The alternative is to define both fields using the evaluation.


  • c_Concept:  If ( Expense  = "Variable Expenses" ; Concept ; "")
  • c_Amount:   If ( Expense  = "Variable Expenses" ; Amount ; "" )


Putting aside the issue of maintenance, which method is best suited for good performance? Especially when we start creating other calculation fields or summary fields based on c_Amount?