Multiple output lists in expanding body

Discussion created by tleitzke on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by BruceRobertson

In my bid app, I am on the final portion of adding in the final output sheet. The sheet needs a header and footer (when in print, there will be only a header on the first page, and only a footer on the final page, so only 1 header and footer total.)


The body, I need to expand to the content inside- which I need to expand too. For example, I need to list out all the equipment, accessories, extra expenses, warranties, rebates, and extra expenses (all of which WILL contain 2 more items; which is currently seen as portals in the main bid form), and should they continue onto a second page (print wise), I need the body to expand with the content. I tried looking into auto-resize, but the filemaker help pages said they only resize when the window resizes.I don't want the contents themselves to resize (changing font to smaller so that it all fits).


It would be nice and easy if there was a way to resize a portal to show all contents, and anchor a "total" field (if need be), and then add a another portal after that (doing the same resize) but anchored to the first portal so they do no overlap.


"equipment, accessories, extra expenses, warranties, rebates, and extra expenses " are all on separate tables from the main table the layout must be based on (bid).