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import from odbc FM Go

Question asked by sivagurS on Apr 20, 2017
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I have a database where I need to import a lot of records from SQL server.

I have an ODBC Driver in the FM Server machine that enables connection to SQL Server.


The database file, DelpoyedonGo runs locally  on filemaker Go and this file has ODBC driver included in the External data sources.

The user will normally work offline and when they get network connection, they press a Sync button and the sync script

Imports updated/added records from SQL Server to Filemaker tables.


It works fine on Filemaker Pro, but doesn't work on Filemaker Go.

I understand this has got something to do with ODBC Driver and connection to SQL Server.

Is it possible to get connection to SQL Server and get the import working from FM Go - If not could anyone please recommend a solution for this.


Thank You.