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    How To sum between dates based on certain Criteria?


      Hi To all,


      This is my First Post and i am abit stuck in my Situation


      I want to calculate sertain fields between my set up dates and depending on few Criteria:


      DateNamePricePaid or not paid


      I Want to sum Salaries For Workers, based on This:

      Is it paid or not.

      Also Want to pay between certain dates if i select in my fields.

      I know it sounds strange, but i am a bit confused.


      At this moment i have table that i posted here, On another table where are salaries, it is connected my name, so in portal i can see just Exact Worker and on what day how much he earned and also it tells me it is paid or not. How to write function (although i bet i will need SCRIPT)

      I am not good with scripting


      Thanks for help