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Tooltip data not visible?

Question asked by llamaassemblies on Apr 21, 2017
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I have various layouts for this database, some of which have portals with tooltips giving further information. For example, one says the user who last modified the field and the date they modified it when you over over said field. However, I have noticed that any inputted data does not appear until the user interacts with the layout (changing records works fine and does not have this issue). Such an interaction can be as simple as clicking on an empty spot in the layout. The tooltip itself works fine, it will appear with any standardized text (say "Last Modified:"), but does not show the data (the modification date itself) until the user clicks or does something on the layout. This occurs any time a layout change occurs.


I would assume such an issue would be solvable with a commit record step, but it appears that doing such has no bearings on this issue. It needs to be user interaction, of some form, for it to be visible. My question is mostly trying to figure out if this is a limitation of Filemaker or if there is a solution that allows for tooltips without requiring the user click on the layout.