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    Network error?


      I have this customer constantly with this error:


      "Your record changes cannot be saved because this record was modified by another user while you were disconnected".



      They are working in a record, which is a long quote, and they leave the record uncommitted for a long timen while working (1 hour for example). When they are committing the record then they have this error.


      I think it has to do with a poor network but I'm not sure.


      What you think?

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          The message says, "while you were disconnected." So the original session has been lost. A new session has been started. The record lock belongs to the previous session.


          If it happens to them often enough they may learn to commit the record before they go to lunch. ;-)



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            Hi Malcolm


            The thing is that it happens a lot but only to them. Months ago I had the same issue with a customer who had network problems. They re-did their network and the problem was gone. That's why I wonder if this case is also a networking problem.


            I have an OnRecordCommit script trigger that prevents committing the record until some validations are made and to allow the user to use the revert function. For now I disabled it and added a few commits here and there to see if this alleviates the problem.


            What do you mean by the original session "being lost"?. How's that possible if they never – at least in theory – lost connection to the server?.


            best regards



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              The message is saying that they were disconnected.


              The machine looks like a macbook. Why don't you look at the number of network interfaces that are available. They may be connecting via wireless, getting a drop-out, then connecting via ethernet.



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                Actually this MBP is connecting via ethernet through a crappy Insignia adapter. I've insisted them to change it but they didn't.


                I'll give them this suggestion. Thanks a lot.