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    All fields blank, record locked.


      Scenario as follows:

      Client using FM Go on iPhone to edit a record.

      Connectivity is lost.

      On returning to the record, all fields are completely blank.

      In FM Pro Adv, looking at the record in table view all the fields do appear blank, and are not editable (you cannot click into the cell).

      However, one of the fields is set as "unique", and when I created a new record it did not let me put a value in that field that would have been in the apparently blank record e.g. Unique Colour field, blank record had White in that field, when I create a new record and try to put White in the field I get an error message, So, FileMaker still knows there's data in the fields, but they appear blank.


      Any suggestions?


      I thought maybe closing/re-opening the file on the server might clear things up but am nervous about corrupting the database further.