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    Charting question


      Looking for some advice on a charting requirement.


      Items can be stored on racks that are varying sizes; different rows, columns and a depth of either 1 or 2 units. I've built a system where the user can input the number of rows, columns and a depth and then a table of storage locations is created.


      Once inventory has been assigned to a location on a rack, the client wants to be able to visually see what is in each slot - is it empty or occupied and if occupied what's in it (maybe a tooltip to display the item name).


      As described to me, a scatter graph that is rows vs columns vs depth is desired. Or a visual cross tab report. Given that a rack can be variable in size - probably up to 20 x 10 x 2, creating a fixed cross tab layout is less desirable.


      Questions - doable natively in FM (the z axis might be tricky) or better off using an external charting source - could be an embedded Javascript library or something online.


      Any suggestions?

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          You could try a bubble chart natively in FM. Your rows and columns will be X and Y, and depth or some other field value would represent the Z axis. The size of the bubble can often be shown as the diameter, radius or area - not sure of the options available in FM, but choose something that clearly distinguishes the differences you want to show. If that doesn't work, you might consider looking at the gallery of d3 JavaScript charting options available. This is likely more work, and you would develop these in a webviewer, but may offer more charting flexibility.



          Gallery · d3/d3 Wiki · GitHub