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    Conditional Format Issue


      This is been happening very constantly since I move my file from FM14 to FM15.


      I set a conditional format.  Simple.  If Self = Open, Fill Yellow.  If Self = Closed, Fill Blue.


      The issue is that one of the conditions does work.  I reopen the Conditional Format tool.  I then close it and then everything is fine.


      It happens almost 100% of the time.


      Any comments?

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          Benjamin Fehr

          what certainly changes from one version to next, - 'specially from FM14 to FM15, is the order when all rendering and calculating process take place OnLayoutEnter OR OnRecordLoad. This will result in some old tricks will break.


          For testing, you can add a button with either script steps

          - commit

          - Refresh Window


          If ConditionalFormat works after prompting that script, this might indicate that the process of calculating

          "if Self = Open" takes place when graphic rendering of the layout already completed.


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