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Portal subsets

Question asked by piaccounting on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 14, 2017 by piaccounting

I would like to display data from three tables on one form but need some help to achieve the desired results.


Table A is to display fields from one record and related Table B will show (as a portal) related records from the table A record. What I would then like to do is display in a third table – related Table C (again as a portal) - is records related to Table B.


However what I would further like to do is to only show records in table C when the user “selects” a record from table B. The records to be shown in table C will be those related to the selected record of table B.


So far my table A and B records are displayed correctly but my table C contains all related records from the displayed table B records.


Is it a question of defining the selection in the portal setup dialog for table C? Although I couldn’t see an obvious calculation to specify records for the chosen table B record.


Is this possible or is there a better alternative?

Many thanks for any help.