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Filemaker Pro V8.5 on Windows, cant download PDF with page Nr>32676

Question asked by diastemma on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2017 by Stephen Huston

Hi all,

while using Filemaker Pro V8.5, I stumbled into
a problem while trying to download records into
a PDF file.

Due to the old age of the program, no one of my
colleagues nor I have admin rights. The export
button is grayed out so that I can't export into
any useful format (e.g. csv). So, I'm forced to
download my 47k+ records in batches of 1000s into
separate PDF files.

For this, I use range specifications like these:
"1 to 1000", "1001 to 2000" etc. which works fine
until I bump into the overflow of the most significant                                                                   
bit of the second byte. Then, the program tells me                                                                       
that 32767 is the biggest possible number and anything                                                                   
beyond is illegal (possibly interpreted as negative),                                                                    
resulting in the download of "32001 to 33000" to fail.                                                                   
The only way I could download records beyond 32767 is                                                                    
record for record which is really awful if I have to                                                                     
get up to 47k+.                                                                                                          
So, my question is: does anyone know a method how
to specify PDF downloads with record numbers beyond
32767 or does anyone know a way how to download
into csv if no one can achieve admin rights?

Any suggestions are welcome. Many thanks!