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    Email to record




      Is there anyway that I can get an email come straight into filemaker as a record?. I want a message that goes straight into my inbox to automatically create a new record with relevant information to go straight into certain fields such as subject and sender, is this possible?

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          Sure, you could do this with a little programming. I would do this FROM FILEMAKER, using a small external web service I would write. Aside from having full programmatic control, an external service, is free, fast, and operating system independent. So, I could really send/check email from a browser, Terminal, or any program that could do an HTTP GET (POST OK too, but not for browser URL).


          Thus, FROM FILEMAKER, you could call a service via INSERT FROM URL, which would use (in my case) the JavaMail API. You could then check or send email FROM FILEMAKER using that service. Then, if retrieving email, the JavaMail API would send information back TO FILEMAKER and you could then store it in whatever fields you want in your FILEMAKER script.


          Really not difficult.




          There may be a FMP-only plug-in that might do it also if you want to pay the $ (often hundreds of dollars) and agree to the plug-in's often-restrictive license agreements.


          HOPE THIS HELPS.

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            There are email-specific plug-in that can do this. Or web publish FMS, such that a web app (PHP or other) can read your email and process to save to FM record(s).


            FM does not READ email (IMAP or POP) only SEND, natively.


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              Thanks for that confirmation. I thought FMP was send only.

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                You basically have two options:

                - push the data from the email environment to FMS --> the code has to exist there (non-FM code)

                - have FM pull data from the email environment --> the code is in FM


                You can make the choice depending on what you are the most comfortable with.  I've done both and they both work equally well.

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                  Uh, or ... the third option...just send the data to a service, have the service do the mail stuff and send back the response with the data. The service could be anywhere, on any box, any OS.


                  In the time since the OP posted this question, I already have what he wants working right in FMP by calling an external (local, in my case) service.




                  Yet another way to do it. Option 4 (variation on 3, above):


                  1. FROM FMP: send the email request (SEND or RECEIVE) to the external service.


                  2. In the service do the heavy lifting with email.


                  3. Then, use JDBC to write back the results right to the FMP tables so you don't have to parse all that in a script.


                  So, all the user needs to do is click a button and a script could send all the parameters, for the particular user, to the service.




                  Wim- I know you know all this already, but I had forgotten to mention the JDBC option.  Here, though, FMS may be needed, depending on the OP's environment, unless he is on the local machine since FMI has a super silly non-technical restriction where their JDBC driver only works on the same box as the database.