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    g suite and filmmaker server


      I set up a G-Suite account recently to launch a small business. It provides me with dropbox, website development, and a collaborative workspace. Is it capable of hosting FileMaker Server? I see that there are FileMaker hosting services, but I was wondering if G-Suite could also host FM Server.

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          FileMaker Server 15 Technical Specifications | FileMaker


          No.  You need your own instance of Windows Server or OSX to install FileMaker Server onto.  G-Suite is just a set of google apps, email, and online storage, you don't get a server with that.

          Are you in Australia?

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            Hi Carl,


            Thanks for providing a quick response. Yes, I'm in Australia, Adelaide to be precise. I'm working through the advanced training series. I have a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced and have been experimenting with layouts for iPhone and iPad. I've been using the facility which the desktop FileMaker has to operate as a simple server over a WiFi network.


            It makes perfect sense that FileMaker Server needs to be hosted on a Windows or OSX platform. I'll review the document you posted. Doing a quick browser search,  I found: Schwarz Software . Can I assume that's your business? It's great to know that there is an Australian business which is supplying hosting services.


            The literature provided by Apple is quite comprehensive and reasonably structured for the novice and intermediate users.  I'm analysing the Apps which are provided to see how they have been put together. I have only recently joined the Community, but will take advantage of its potential to learn and hopefully as I develop, be able to contribute to the knowledge base.


            Thanks again.

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              If you are looking for hosting services in Australia there is also Filemaker Hosting | The FM Studio



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                Yes schwarzsoftware is me.  Make sure you don't get an overseas server because the lag is too large.

                I have a dedicated hosting page at https://schwarzsoftware.com.au/hosting.html


                The easiest way to get yourself started on FileMaker server is to get the "FileMaker Developer Subscription" for $99 and then you get a FileMaker development server license that you can install on your desktop.  That way you can develop while using all the features of FileMaker Server.

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                  Carl is quite right: the server deal with the developer subscription is the best deal in town. Any town, if you're a FileMaker developer.


                  One recommendation if you are not going to go with a hosting company, though, would be to put it on a spare computer that is running nothing else. Set up a full set of backups (hourly, daily, weekly and offsite) and leave it be. Your files will be a lot happier and you won't flange them when your desktop crashes due to some other app misbehaving.


                  If you are an Apple person, a Mini with at least El Capitan and without a monitor ("headless") is quite sufficient. If a PC person, you are going to want to run it on at least WinServer 2012 R2 ("NDA" means never being able to say why), which you probably don't want to use on your desktop, anyway.


                  It is a way more secure and reliable way to develop.