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      I scripted a custom import, but the order keeps changing back to the previous 'last order'. Obviously once I've rearranged the order, importing WOULD need to be by the last order. Oddly I've had no trouble arranged the order of other tables when importing. I must have a minor but non-obvious (to me!) error?

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          is this manually done or scripted? if scripted, I always recommend disabling the step and recreating again.


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            I think you need to explain what you are doing in more detail. There is more than one way to script an import and what you see in the dialogs as the default can differ depending on whether you have opened a local or hosted file.

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              Thanks both. Beverly I've corrected imports for 2 tables; it appears you are correct. I'd changed what I exported, and simply changing the current import did not 'stick'. I've re-created import script steps and 2 now work. I'm working the biggest.


              2 things:

              1. What's going on that a historical import fails to allow a modified field import order to stick.

              2. When re-ordering, is there any way to grab multiple fields and drag them up the order list, then individually order them? Or is it always, 1 at a time!