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Resume a paused script

Question asked by ndveitch on Apr 24, 2017
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Hi there,


I need to find out how I can resume a script with a script? I have built an email module for my client and when generating the email I have a number of scripts that the call the build email script and then they pause so that the user can modify the email before sending.


On the SendEmail layout I have Send | Save | Cancel | Close buttons, and each button's associated script will return either a send, save, cancel, close as an Exit Script [ Text Result: "Sent" ] for example.


All was working but I have noticed that although the script finishes and the calling script get the correct result, the calling script is stuck on the Pause/Resume script. I tried disabling the Pause/Resume but then the whole script ran through and sent the mail without letting me modify the email before sending. I know the script worked as I got the correct error message that the window had closed without sending the email.


How would I send a command to the calling script to continue the script when I dont have the option for a button to be pressed to Resume the script?