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Can't snap objects to grid at whole numbers, X=1cm Y=1cm? Always get a decimal location.

Question asked by frankee on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by frankee

I like to work with simple whole numbers. I can't snap objects to a position on the grid at whole numbers e.g. 1cm (centimeters)? I always get a decimal location with one exception: I can place an object at 0cm exactly.  Removing the header has no effect.  For example, if I wish to place a field at location X=1cm and Y=1cm by attempting to snap, instead it snaps to a location of X=0.988 and Y=0.988  No matter where I drag the object it never lands on a whole number location.  My grid is set at 1 cm spacing (I've tried other whole numbers also) with both the guides and dynamic guides turned off.