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how to schedule a local FM File script

Question asked by sivagurS on Apr 23, 2017
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I have a project where I need to Import a few records from ODBC Data source to my local not hosted Filemaker files.

This is for the user to work on the data when they are offline.


The user always work with the offline file and I run On Timer scripts to check for network connections and whenever connection available and with user choice, does the necessary syncing from local to Hosted file.


Also to provide user with the most updated data, I run a script to Import records from ODBC to local FM File.

the Idea is to run this script every morning and send the user a link to the location of this updated file.

I can get the script to work and save it in the desired location.


But I am stuck at scheduling this script to run daily.

1. How do I get a script from local FM file to run from Windows Task Scheduler.

2. I tried Perform Script [Local Script] from another hosted file. It works when I run the script on my own. But when I tried it from FM Server Schedule, it gives me the error 100. [File is missing].

3.  If both of these are not optimal, what would the ideal approach to get this Import done on a daily basis.


Thank You