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Choose sequentially from list of names

Question asked by TVBOTC on Apr 24, 2017
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We have people who coordinate orders that come in.  Right now, their names are hard coded into a calculated field as such:


     Choose(Mod(#Rec_ID;4); "Allen, Glenda"; "Pigott, Kerri"; "Bouquette, Marvin"; "Enzor, Kyanna")


This works fine, but when someone goes on vacation or leaves or is a new hire, I have to go in and change the field.  I am trying to get it to work using our employee table, which has a field for "CoordinatorWeb" set to "Y" for active coordinators. That way, the manager can check or uncheck employees, or add/remove them as needed. I have a relationship with that field matched to an auto-enter field set to "Y", and a list of them through that relationship shows the correct names.  Next I tried rewriting the calculated field as below, but it does not work.


Choose(Mod(#Rec_ID; Count ( Employee_Coord::Full_Name_LF )); List ( Employee_Coord::Full_Name_LF ))


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Trish V.