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Report Based on Portal

Question asked by mrmulti on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by philmodjunk

Okay I was under a huge misconception with portals.  I assumed they would print as they appeared, but allow for paging using the logic that if the portal had more records than could be displayed, it would simply create another page with the info.  (wouldn't that be nice?)  but nooo

So now I need to find out the RIGHT way to produce this report.  It all works beautifully in browse mode and the preview mode has a great first page.   I know that I need to create a new layout based on the portal's table, but I don't know how to carry over the correct found set so that it prints only the art in the current found set which is all art related to an event.  Here is the parent form, and I need 4 lists based on the Event Art -> Art tables



2017-04-24 (5).png



2017-04-24 (4).png


So basically I need a report based on Event Art -> Art but the Event Art Id must come from the current found set, because I chose that event on the Art Events Layout above .  In Access you could refer to loaded form fields  and use them in SQL statements to find subsets      [Art Events]![Event Art ID].


So the question is where do I put the script and what would it look like?


2017-04-24 (6).png