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    can't access Fmgo layouts ?


      layout switch.png

      When testing a file developed on FM14 pro with Go15 I'm perplexed by the fact I can't figure out how to switch between layouts ?

      Tapping on title bar does nothing ? I see no icons to invoke action.

      auto login now loads an undesired layout and slide to cancel just isn't fast enough to cancel.

      must I trap for System platform and show toolbar accordingly ?

      do I need to include a popup with navigation buttons on all layouts ?

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          Try a downward 3 finger swipe to expose the tool bar where you can tap to get options that include selecting layouts.


          But the settings/scripting that pull up the correct layout should be figured out and corrected. A startup script that checks to see if the file was opened by FileMaker Go is usually used for this purpose.

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            For  FMGO I highly recommend creating a popover with your navigation options.  Place the popover button in the same location on each layout if possible.  This will allow your users to consistently know where to go to navigate.