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Compressing multiple file attachments for a "Send Mail" script step?

Question asked by on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by tomassia_fm

I hope someone can give me some guidence on what is the best way to compress email attachment files in order to send those files as a single attachments in a Send Mail (SMTP) script step? I know that "Send Mail" only supports a single file attachment, but I have logic in a script that needs to generate up to four individual files (a PDF from a record in a table and up to three other files in a container_field[3]. I want to send the PDF and other three files in a single email but since Send Mail (SMTP) only supports a single file attachment, I have to first compress the  files. I have been looking for a way to compress ("zip") the files from within a script but have not been able to find a way. Can anyone help me?


Many thanks!