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    getting different founds sets onto same layout


      I have found students meeting a certain criteria for each class; freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors. Currently, each is on a layout. How do I get all the different found sets onto the same layout?



      Top 35% of THEIR class

      more than 3 hours in a certain major

      complete 9 or more hours within that major

      overall GPA > 3.0


      I have completed the above for each class BUT don't know how to get them on the same layout.




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          You just have to make query for each search.


          The first with cirteria and juiors

          The second wwith sophomore ....

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            Same layout?

            You probably mean same window.

            Problem is that each window has one and only one found set.

            You change the founds sets with finds.

            You could open 4 windows with the same layout, perform 4 finds, and be able to see the 4 different found sets all within the filemaker interface.

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              Never mind layouts, are the records that you are finding all in the same TABLE?


              If they are, you have two options:


              a) Perform a find for one class, then enter find mode and use extend found set to add the records for other classes to the found set created by the first find. This is the method to use if other criteria is different for each class.


              b) Perform a find that does not specify the class, only the other criteria. Then you will have found all records for all students that meet your criteria. This is the better option if all criteria except class is the same.


              For both options, you can sort by class to group your students.


              There are cases where you might not just be performing a find. If you have to perform a find, then do additional tasks to get the needed found set, You could do the following:


              Define a "list of" summary field to list the primary keys of your table on which you are searching out student records. After getting a specific found set, append the value of this summary field to a global text field. After each find, you append more values to this field until you get a complete list.


              Set Field [ YourTable::gStudentIDList ; List ( YourTable::gStudentIDList ; Table::SummaryListOfFieldHere ) ]


              If you define a relationship matching the table with gStudentList against the table you are searching out student records matching the gStudentList field against the original student ID (Primary key) field, you can use Go To Related Records to then pull up a combined found set.

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                Hey There,


                Seems like we need some clarification on what you mean by "the same layout."


                Do you have a layout right now that shows those records in a portal or something?


                Trying to make sense of that line...