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Best asynchronous soln : server -> multiple clients ?

Question asked by wfgclapp on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by wfgclapp

I want to have a sync process kicked off by an FMGo client that retrieves updated records from a hosted file. A client will never alter a record. Records on the client will be added, deleted, or updated only to mirror the hosted file.


I will have multiple clients that will each kick off their own sync processes independently.


Since this is over WAN, I am concerned with speed and error tolerance. Depending on when the last time the user sync'd, we would be talking at most, about 4K-6K records with maybe 30 fields in each rec. I could complicate my soln and make this 4-5 fields per rec if I needed for speed.


I have not built a FM sync process before but I would imagine this setup described above is pretty straightforward.


I am debating whether or not to build my own, a la FileMaker's "iOS Sync" tech brief, versus using something off the shelf. I already use Goya's RESTfm fairly heavily but haven't gotten into their Sync product yet though I have supported access to it.


I'm only expecting anecdotal responses, but hoping some of you with sync experience might have some good advice.


Best regards.