Windows 10 and FileMaker 15 Layout Display

Discussion created by jerrysalem on Apr 25, 2017
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When I open a FileMaker solution on a PC with Windows 10 installed I am having problems getting layouts to display.


The computer is an i7 with 8G ram and plenty of free space.

Installed is the latest version of FileMaker 15 (15.0.3) 64 Bit.


When I open one of the starter solutions, I see a blank screen.

I can get the layout to redraw by toggling the status toolbar on or off.


When I open our production database (hosted on FMS 15) I see the same behavior.


Open the database you get a white screen.

If you toggle the status toolbar, it draws the layout.

If you then click a button that takes you to a different layout, the layout doesn't appear to change for the user.

But when you move the mouse around you can tell you are on a different layout because the curser changes from pointer to finger when you roll over where the buttons would be.

Also if the navigation button takes you to a new layout that has a field with a value list, it draws the value list over top of the old layout.


Finally, if the status toolbar happens to be open, you can see the name of the current layout (reported in the top left of the toolbar) does change even though the window wasn't redrawn.  Toggling the status toolbar fixes it.


Anyone else seeing this behavior?

We have users moving to Windows 10 now and this is a problem.


BTW, same computer, install FM14.06 works fine.