Capture a portal's table name

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Howdy, all:


Please refer to the attached.


I have a button in a portal that I'm using to set a delete function and flag around a Custom Dialog message--it causes text to be highlighted (via conditional formatting), first, before the user cancels/commits deleting a portal record.


There eight children tables that would have identical coding save for their table name (the field, DeleteWarning__lxn, is in all of them), so I'm sure there's an elegant way to capture the table name--with the pressing of the button that fires the script--without me having to make eight copies of the same code for each child table.


My attempt at using Set Field By Name didn't work because I don't know how to set the variable, $_TableName, with the portal's table name. I tried Get ( LayoutTableName ) but that grabs the table name of the parent, not the children.


As always, TIA for your help and suggestions!