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    Elapsed Time/call & Wait Time/call numbers very high FMS11




      I have taken over a FM11 server and the users have a lot of issues with "coffee cupping" where FM Pro is hanging when they get their next lead from the CRM. They get the coffee cup icon for a good couple of minutes before it actually loads. Most of the time it gives the error "a user is modifying this record".


      I just checked the Filemaker server admin console and on the statistics page I can see very hight numbers for Elapsed Time/call & Wait Time/call. I have attached a screenshot of the statistics page.


      What can I do to try and fix this? Server cache is set to 700MB and clients are on the default 64MB.



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          Don't you have any problem on hardware (HDD) ?

          Don't you use the server as file sharing (SMB on Windows)?

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            Those numbers may or may not be representative because they just show a peak value, which may be just a one-off.  Work with the stats.log produced by FMS instead.  To have that you need to turn on 'usage statistics' on the logging tab.


            In general, high 'wait time per call' indicates disk i/o problems.  What is the speed of the drives and what else is the machine doing?  Hopefully no Anti-virus scanning or indexing.


            High 'elapsed time per call' usually is in indication of not enough processing power.  Adding more processors / more cores / faster cores will help; but there could be a glass ceiling that can't be broken through until the design of the solution itself is made better to not need so much processing power.


            The coffee cup may be completely unrelated to those numbers.  Normally the coffee cup is an indication that FMS is suspending the user interaction and usually that is because FMS is doing a backup and needs a lock on the file, sounds like this lock takes much longer than it should.  Check the backup schedules and make sure they are not set to perform a 'verification' at the same time.  Turn that 'verify' off for the backups during working hours and turn it on for a nightly backup.  If you have huge files and lots of backup schedules, then disk i/o clearly comes into play.

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