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    Testing date dependent calculations and scripts



      Can anyone suggest an alternative to changing the OS Date and Time settings when it comes to testing and development of date dependent scripts and calculations. Whilst changing the system clock does the trick, iCloud, Backblaze and other date dependent apps immediately start to complain so its not ideal.


      I am in the middle of a development where I need to see the behaviour of various contract based records at various points before and after their expiry and renewal dates. These could be anything between 3 to 10 years ahead. A quick Google search suggest solutions like Timesimulator and Time Machine which apparently intercept your file system’s date and time calls. I believe some solutions enable virtual accelerated time travel where a year for example can be compressed into a day.


      Do others have experiences of such development tools and if so, are they applicable to FileMaker. Or are options such as virtual machines more appropriate?


      Any insight most welcome.


      Many thanks



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          set a variable for the date at the beginning of the script. Then use the variable instead of the date constants in the script itself.



          Set Variable [ $date ; Get(CurrentDate) ] //Manually available to set and test as an old date

          If [ $date > "12/1/2016" ]


          End If


          Instead of:

          If [ Get(CurrentDate) > "12/1/2016" ]


          End If


          You can also use the script debugger and data viewer to alter variables and pause the script to review results.

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            Mike, your basic idea is sound, but you are getting a bit sloppy in the script details.


            $date > "12/1/2016"


            isn't likely to be workable in actual code. I know it's just to show some "date senstive code", but you'd really want to use:


            $Date > GetasDate ( "12/1/2016" )


            or use the date function instead of a date in quotes--which evaluates as text, not a date unless converted with the getasdate function.

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              Thanks for the suggestions. I was also thinking along the lines of using a variable in my case using a global $$Date in a startup script. The method suggested works well when working on a small number of scripts and calcs.



              However, when it comes to working on larger systems with multiple date based dependencies scattered across many tables and scripts. Replacing every get(CurrentDate) and get(CurrentTimeStamp) with a variable becomes time consuming and possibly error prone. Additionally ExecuteSQL needs to be taken into account especially if you are using commands such as CURDATE or CURRENT_DATE which use the system time.



              I was hoping, as it appears rather naively, there was some kind of development utility available which emulates the system clock for development environments such as FileMaker enabling the developer to change date and time at will as well as run at high speed (x5 or x10) to test date/time dependent script triggers.







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                Wouldn't you want it to be:


                $date > Date ( 12 ; 1 ; 2016 )


                Localization. So much fun.

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                  Yes, jbante! that's exactly what is needed. no confusion what is month & day (regardless of where you are).