wrong script runs

Discussion created by sdurante on Apr 25, 2017
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I have two scripts that I run in succession on individual records when needed, "process 1" and "process two." Process two acts on the results of process 1.

Process 1 always works. Process two works the second time I use it after the first run fails. And this is how it fails: the script debugger says I am running process 1 again --although it's from the a different button for process 1 and the same button/trigger I unsuccessfully used the first time I ran process two--and sure enough the results are there: a repeat of process 1. The next time I run process two, it actually runs and works on the second results of process 1.


I tried recovering the file but it didn't help. Are my scripts/buttons crossed? Has anyone ever seen this? I tried rewriting the scripts from scratch and that did not help. Am I missing something. I didn't post the scripts because this seems generic to me.