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    Progressive backups


      I did something dumb that deleted a bunch of data from my database (not being used yet, fortunately) and wasn't aware of it for a number of days.  It occurred to me that if I was doing a daily backup overwriting the earlier one, I wouldn't have a way back.  If I wanted to automate, say, a daily backup that keeps a weeks worth of backups, how might I do this?  This is just a simple local database, no server involved.

      The "save a copy" script step doesn't have a provision to, say, append a date or time to the file name.  Is there another way to do this?

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          Get FMS, it's pretty essential when you really need hourly backups while working on a solution.


          Otherwise you can do it manually or create scripts.

          A pretty easy way to do this is:

          Create several folders for backups.

          Create a "save a copy" script to each folder.

          Run the appropriate script when a backup is needed/wanted.



          You can get a lot fancier with scripting but really getting FMS is the best option.


          Sign up for the FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS) for $99USD and get the FMS Developer. It a really good deal for developers.

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            it would be better to host it from server, but save a copy can make the back ups that you describe:


            Set Variable [$Path : value: get (desktopPath) & get ( FileName ) & substitute ( get ( currentdate ) ; "/" ; "_" ) & ".fmp12" ]

            Save A Copy As [ $path]

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              Didn't know you could use variables... thanks!

              As said above, it is probably better to backup manually when developing, and do it often, but once I put this database to work, having an automatic daily backup, probably to a thumb drive, would add a nice margin of safely.

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                I've actually set up Install OnTimer to do the save using the current time stamp to generate unique file names so that I get a new copy every 15 minutes to get regular backups during development.

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                  An addendum:  I also set this up with the Time Stamp function, but I also added a "backup" folder into the path assuming that it would be created, but this caused a "file cannot be created" error,  I had to create the folder manually.  This is Windows, btw.

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                    Yes, fileMaker cannot create the folder for you just by specifying it in the path.