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    Security on a File


      I have three files that are shared with my co-worker.  I host from my desktop.  I have kept it simple, no password scheme. 

      Now I am looking to learn more about FMS so I downloaded the developer version.  I created the her and mine user-ids as well as putting a password on Admin.  For her ID, I checked to be changed at next login. 


      Using Sharing-Upload to Filemaker Server, I attempt to upload.  I get the message below.



      Not sure what is missing in order to do the upload. 


      I have these three files to share with my AP coworker.  I have one file to share with my AR coworker.  This file I want to be able to share with web-direct as well, for demo purposes.

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          Does the file still have an account where there is an account name and no password?


          In a new file, the admin account is automatically added and has no password.

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            Only the GUEST account has no password.  I found a setting that I unticked


            Host password-protected databases only.  I was able to upload two of the three, and open them as a client.


            The third gave me a message about (that I was not able to capture) but something regarding the Extended Privileges being disabled. I tried to open the local version, it says that the file has been uploaded.  I try to use Open Remote and the file is not there to open. 


            On the Server, under Activity, the File shows but only with FMWebDirect privilege.  Not GO/PRO.  How do I change that?