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    Question from new user.


      Hi All, I'm new in filemaker, and english is not my native language so please bear with me


      Currently i just finished tutorial from guy stevens (udemy.com) and started to built for my own.

      There are several things that need to ask:


      1.  To my understand, filemaker is not like Fox Pro that allowed people to compile into standalone application (cmiiw).

      But is there a way to make it less like document and make it more like application? I meant, to use the database app that we already built with filemaker we need to open it with filemaker application, after that we still need to press "exit-layout". Can (at least) when we double click the filemaker file, itu will open in "layout-mode" instead of "edit-mode"?


      2. I need to put signature (scan file) to my invoice, can we do that? I manage to make pull down choices of my employee names, but the name need to link to spesific signature file so when i print the invoice it will show the signature file instead of just the name.

      Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.51.15 PM.png

      Many thanks before

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          Hi arjunamltd,


          1) To generate stand-alone applications you need FileMaker Pro Advanced, but for the time being and considering your other questions, I do not recommend you to go there right now. It brings advanced issues regarding updating the app that you may not be ready for yet.


          I'm not sure which exit-layout button you mean but to present things to users in specific ways, check the 'File Options' of your database file. 'Switch to layout' may be what you are looking for and the 'OnFirstWindowOpen' trigger setting allows you to launch a script through which you can arrange (among other things) how the user experience will be at startup.


          2) There are multiple ways to go about. The quickest to program probably is the following: make a table (lets call it the signatures table) with a container field that holds the signature file and a key field that has the name of the employee to whom the signature belongs. Add a relationship from the table where you have the field with the drop-down list of employees (I'm guessing it is the 'Invoices' table) to the signatures table. That will give the Invoices table access to the right signature.

          Another way would be to make the same signatures table and relationship, but also to make a look-up field in the invoices table that copies the right signature file to the invoice record. This has the benefit that if you later change the signature file for the employee or remove the employee, it will not have an effect on the invoice records that were made before the change (unless you do a re-lookup)


          Hopefully, this gets you on the way




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            Thank you sir for your prompt reply, it really helpfull

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              Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 6.17.45 PM.png

              the final result..

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                Thanks for that! No greater reward for answering a question than seeing that it worked!