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    Remove (not hide) the "Pop-up menu" arrow AND button


      I'm setting up a layout with three portals with 14 fields formatted as Pop-up menus in each of them. I can choose to display hundreds of arrows or hundreds of empty spaces on the layout. The arrow or the empty space is even wider than the space used by data entered on each field (a number from 1 to 60).


      Using Drop-down lists is not an option.


      Does somebody know how to remove that space consuming button of the Pop-up menus?


      It does not seem to be possible.

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          Why is a drop down list not an option? (Maybe there's a way to get them to work that you haven't considered)


          As long as this isn't a field used for WebDirect clients, you can hide a popup menu formatted copy of the field behind an edit box formatted copy of the same field. Use behavior settings on the edit box copy to block browse mode access. If you click on the visible field, the mouse click causes the hidden pop up menu copy to pop to the front and display your value list. (this trick is often done with drop down lists as a way to hide the "ID" value by putting it behind a related "name" field from the value list's table, but it should work the same for a pop up menu formatted field as far as I know...)

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            I often use this trick (even with tree fields one on top of the other). But in this case it's not practical: when the user releases the pop-up menu, the field with the pop-up comes to front and the arrow (or the empty space of its button) hides the data he has already entered.


            I know, I can just code a commit script and fire it on object change.


            But why on earth we are not able to get rid of that button? When will be able to code simple solutions? We are always adding tons of objects and scripts to workaround stupid problems.


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              If you want to complain about a shortcoming of FileMaker, post in feedback. If you want assistance on how to work around the shortcoming, post here.