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    Missing scripts with Server Side Scripting


      I just joined this company recently and am working with their Filemaker program trying to fix up their Scripts a bit. Back with version 12 or 13 (they can't remember exactly which version it was working in), they had a script that they ran on the server daily after hours to check things. After upgrading to version 14, and now to 15, this script would not run on the server automatically.


      When logging into the Admin Console, and trying to schedule this Filemaker script to run it does not give me the option to run this script. None of their 200+ scripts show as possible choices. It acts like there are no scripts on this Filemaker server.


      Anyone ever come across this?  Anyone know what to do to get this to happen?

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          FileMaker scripts do not exist on the server, they are in the file being hosted by the server. System scripts (VBScript, AppleScript or other such), on the other hand can be placed in a scripts folder and to be performed by a schedule set up using the Admin Console.


          So is this a FileMaker script or a System Script?


          If it's a filemaker script, you can open the file as a client and use the scripts workspace to find and examine the scripts in that file.


          If it's a system script, perhaps the script file was not put into the scripts folder of the current install of FileMaker Server?

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            I am trying to schedule the FileMaker script to run. In the Schedule Assistant it gives the option to set up a schedule to run a FileMaker script in a FileMaker database. I will provide a screenshot to show you what I am talking about.

            As you can see, this has the option to choose a FileMaker script. However, when I choose that, it does not actually show any of the scripts from the database I am choosing.

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              I also saw this problem.

              In my case, simple clicking "next" once more after "There is no script..." error screen resolved it.

              This looks timing issue that schedule assistant didn't wait enough till get the large script name list.

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                Jason Wood

                Also make sure the user account you have entered has the appropriate privileges to actually run the script. If you choose the guest account, even if that account is enabled, it will let you move forward to a blank list of scripts - an error message only appears on the screen for a moment.


                Typically a server script would run from a dedicated "server" account, whose only privileges are those necessary to perform the server-specific scripts.

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                  Ok, I guess clicking next did it. In my case, it took 5 times clicking next to allow it to load everything.