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    Repeating Fields and Conditional formatting to generate visual Representation


      I am sure I have done this before and I have even seen others do it but I can't recall how on earth I did it. Can anyone help?


      I have a table of Vehicle registrations with includes Insured start date and Insured end date.


      And a table of dates which has a global repeating field with registrations in it.


      In the table of dates I want to see a list of dates showing which vehicles were registered on a given date.


      I am using a global repeating field for the registrations in the date table and want to use conditional formatting to Colour in the background showing which were insured.


      I have it working so that it shows the first one that is valid but I obviously need it to show all of them on any given date.  In the enclosed picture all three vehicles are insured on the 21/8/2014 but only vehicle one is showing.


      All help appreciated

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