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Scrolling (?) drag and drop issue.  Not even sure what it's called.

Question asked by Scott302 on Apr 27, 2017

Not even sure what this "feature" is called to do a search.

I have a columnar report.  At full screen I show 16 rows of data.

I use drag and drop to copy fields to different found items.

In previous versions (prior to v.10 maybe) the visible window would only "scroll" down when the drag and drop cursor was at the bottom edge of the window.  At some point this changed and now if the cursor is halfway down the window the thing "scrolls" at the speed of light to the last item of the found set when all I want to do is drag and drop a few items down.  This is driving me nuts as I effectively loose half my visible window.  Can anyone tell me what this is called and can I turn it off or bypass it?

Mac Filemaker Pro v.13.0.9