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TriggerTargetPanel and TriggerCurrentPanel - problem

Question asked by gfsymon on Apr 27, 2017
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I'm running 14.0.6 Advanced.


I have an old file which uses tabbed panels.  I have used the OnObjectModify in the past, to script trigger and set a variable for the panel name.  This worked fine.  I have changed the panel names and after much bug hunting trying to understand why my scripts no longer work, it seems that OnObjectModify isn't working either ... although it still does on another layout.


So I'm trying the TriggerTargetPanel and TriggerCurrentPanel via OnPanelSwitch in script triggers and a strange thing is happening.


On my old file, they are returning the values, tab number + name (viewed via Data Viewer) but they are not the correct tab names!!  These are old names which have been changed.  Changing them again (and clicking 'confirm') doesn't update them for the functions ... but, they do update in Browse and Layout modes.  So they look fine on the layout, but the values are incorrect.


So I did a file recovery.  Still the same.


So I made a new file with only a tab.  I run the exact same script trigger and ... huh?  It doesn't return the tab names at all!  Only the tab numbers (1 and 2).


So my question is obviously, why not and also, is there another *reliable* way of getting the current panel name for use in scripts?


I'm attaching 2 files.  One ... my old file, cleaned out of all but the offending tab and my new test file.  Obviously you'll need FM Advanced to see what's going on in the Data Viewer.


Any help much appreciated.