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Print Output of a Subsummary report - Need a "Report Whisperer"

Question asked by JamesRiefstahl on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi guys,


(FMP 12, Windows) I REALLY want to use and promote filemaker as a solution at work over excel for meeting minutes, but I've hit  2 snags when it comes to output that I can't understand the report output logic/rules.  And lord knows, if it can't output professionally, they throw the baby out with the bath water...


I've created a subsummary layout for meeting minutes.  Main table is "Minutes," and it's being subsummarized by the parent "Issues" table.  MM in Layout.JPGMM SS Part Definition.JPG

I have each subsummary's and body part definition set to "allow part to break across page boundaries".


I've attached a pdf of the meeting minutes that shows both issues:


1) page 3 - what the heck is that extended black block, and why?  I've seen that happen on other reports, never understood what it is, why it does that.  It's as if FMP is trying to fill the remaining page with subsummary.


2)Pages 4-5; 5-6; 6-7; 7-8 - there's an unusually large space at the bottom of the pages.  It's not filling up the pages.

     A) How can I get FMP to break across the page

     B) Between 5 and 6, the next "item" 82-9 on page 6 can clearly can fit at the bottom of page 5; and same with page 7 and 8, 75-1 can scoot down to bottom of page 7.


What am I missing?