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Performing a find in another FM File

Question asked by gedkins on Apr 27, 2017
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I have a Master Item FM file that is a series of items we fabricate or buy. I have Purchase Requisition FM file that users create records in to buy things found in the Item Master file.  I am trying to allow the users to update Item Master records (not create new ones)  when working in the PR file. I tried to create a script in the PR file that will grab a value in the PR file (a part number) and then open the MI file and perform a find on that value. When I use the Open File script line it opens the file, but apparently the next steps in the script (Show All Records and Enter Find mode) actually executes against the PR file and not the newly opened MI file.  How do I transfer execution of a script running in one file to another file?  I suspect its fairly simple, but perhaps it is not.