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      Hey all,


      I have a contact manager database. I have been given a task, I wanted to know how I can achieve that.


      Contacts table, Projects Table, groups table


      I have multiple contacts linked to same projects or a contact to multiple projects as well.


      Same goes for groups.


      My requirement is if there is an event suppose for a particular project, I want all the contacts in some groups to get an invitation. and would want to manually check if they attended or not. How can I achieve this.




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          I have multiple contacts linked to same projects or a contact to multiple projects as well.


          Do you have a join table for that relationship?


          What relationship exists between contacts and groups? (Could one contact be a member of more than one group?)


          What you describe would require a table for events. You might then need yet another table for tracking attendance to that event. I assume that you want to track the attendance of each individual? Or do you just need to know that at least one contact from a given group has attended?


          Would there be one and only one project linked to a given event or multiple projects?

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            You have not answered enough of my questions to be able to provide suggestions with a reasonable chance that they will apply to your current design.


            to repeat: Do you have a join table linking projects and contacts? If not, how did you implement the many to many relationship between the two that you describe?


            You then describe linking "groups" to projects in what is also a many to many relationship. But how did you implement that link?


            In addition, I assumed that a "group" represents a group of contacts, but if this was the case, groups would be linked to contacts, not projects. So please explain what one "group" record represents in your system.


            You may need to post a screen shot of these table occurrences that exposes the match fields used. But if you do, PLEASE also add commentary explaining how you use those table occurrences.

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