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Auto Generating Content Entered into One Layout into Another Layout

Question asked by abruehl on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by abruehl

Hi all, I think I'm pretty remedial when it comes to FMP, but here goes. I'm working on creating a table to keep track of my finances. I work in the healthcare field, so sometimes I get paid in full right away (cash) or sometimes I get a co-pay and then, a few weeks later, a check from the insurance company.


I currently have a table ("Daily Money") set up that tracks patient visits with the following fields:

Patient's Name

Date of Treatment

Amount Paid Cash

*Amount Paid Insurance

*Date Insurance Check Received 


I pay myself monthly, so I'd like to do a monthly summary of how much I got in cash and how much I got in insurance. What I've worked out currently is not working because it doesn't go by the date of insurance payment, but rather by the date of initial treatment. In other words, if I saw a patient in March, but received the insurance check in April, it's putting all that money in March instead of March and April. Also, this data won't even show up until April, after I've already paid myself for March.


So, then I was thinking of creating a different layout that's just for insurance, but still entering all of the data into the Daily Money table. So, I want some of the data from Daily Money (that with asterisks above) to automatically fill the Insurance table. In other words, it would automatically create records with duplicate data every time I fill those fields in on Daily Money. Then I could separately summarize that.


I've already created parent child relationships between these two layouts and now I think I need to create a script, but I have no idea how.


Also open to suggestions on how to make the entire process easier! Thanks!