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Making a user button to turn Tooltip (TT) On/Off/On..

Question asked by rickmerl on Apr 27, 2017
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Tooltip Line Returns & Blank Lines

I'm sure most of you know this, but I'm sharing this for those who don't know, so as to pay my way for the help I need.


After exhaustive attempts I finally figured out how to create 'Line Returns' (Using &¶&)




"" &¶&

"Enter who the employee reports to" &¶&

"Enter 'N/A' if unknown"


Returns the TT:



Enter who the employee reports to

Enter 'N/A' if unknown




Turning ToolTips On/Off/On... with a user button


Now that I'm able to create flashy Tooltip's for the user/s, I've gone a bit overboard, so would like the user

to be able to turn the TT's Off, once they become familiar with the database, yet still be able to turn the TT's

back On if they have a need to do so.


I am I have a radio button 'gHelpTips_OnOff'

An am stuck on how to proceed.


Is someone able to provide a simple (elegant) solution?


Thanks in advance