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    Filemaker Licensing


      Query 1:

      If we obtain Filemaker Team-5 License, we know that it can be used only by five concurrent users. Via a WebDirect Guest account can we allow an infinite number of authorized users to use the System developed in Filemaker by the purchaser. As we know, contender Quickbase does not have any restrictions.


      Query 2:

      Our company handles customer accounts in two ways and got two ABNs for operational purposes. Same employees in one operating company handle both depending on the account type. Do we need Two Annual Site Licenses for two ABNs?  If so Filemaker will be very costly compared to other contenders?



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          1) A webdirect connection also counts as a user connection.  Note that each FLT license should be assigned to a specific user, if you want to grant access to anonymous users then you will want to purchase concurrent connections.  Alternatively use custom web publishing (e.g. PHP API) or ODBC/JDBC to allow 'infinite' users, the limits of your server hardware apply of course.

          2) Contact FileMaker for more complicated licensing questions directly, they are very helpful!

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            Filemaker provides a guest account and Team-5 provides five concurrent accounts. That allows only five guest users to login at one time. Does it mean you will need to specially identify these five users and no others can use the system?. E.g., You got Team-5 license but there will be 100 users using the system via Guest account,  will it prohibited under Team-5 Licence?

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              It is just a requirement in the licensing documentation that each license needs to be assigned to a specific user.  It's not an actual software limitation so you won't see any clues to it in FileMaker itself. Concurrent connection licensing is the way to license non-specific users.

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                Jason Wood

                You are using the term "concurrent" but that is a separate licensing option that is not related to "Teams". When you buy a 5-user teams license, you are supposed to only have 5 users. I believe you can still buy concurrent licenses (which I believe are still for GO and WebDirect only) but they are more expensive.

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                  @champM - I had exactly the same question.  I too thought a '5-user licence' meant up to 5 concurrent users of the file.  Carl has correctly understood that there is a major difference between 'a user' and 'a concurrent user'.

                  We have a customer of 20+ years who make their stock file available to their customers in FM11, IWP.  There are never more than 10 concurrent users, so they thought a 10-pack would be enough.  They picked the price up from the web, and were happy(-ish) with it.  When they confirmed to Filemaker what they planned they were told they couldn't do that, and that they couldn't see 'concurrent' prices as they are not published on the web.  (Like, 'Why not?')

                  @Jason - I would have said 'considerably' more expensive.  Like 'eye-wateringly'.

                  I share the competitive-cost concerns of champM.  In my conversations with FM Licensing (and I apologise to them for my thickheadedness - I am starting to see why a reseller has to go on a specific training course to try to understand their licensing) they basically confirmed that the type of SMBs we support are 'no longer the customers that FM want to have'.  (I paraphrase only slightly.)  The customer will no longer be continuing with the Filemaker platform.

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                    @alangodfrey   being in the industry for many decades, I feel Filemaker got a lot to offer.  They have a  clear market than Cloud based SaaS products. Also a sophisticated competitor for Wordpress.

                    Features I admire,

                    1. Security
                    2. Debugging
                    3. Rapid Development, Beyond Excel
                    4. Quick Prototyping
                    5. Quick Web Integration
                    6. Very easy Maintenance, Backup, Portability
                    7. Scripting,  Plug-ins in C
                    8. Basic to Advance use
                    9. Sophisticated Back-end
                    10. Connecting PDF & Outlook
                    11. Deep Data Mining with SQL 
                    12. Integration with other Languages
                    13. IPad, iPhone Versions
                    14. Tracking
                    15. Backup
                    16. Script run from outside

                    Looking forward to having well clear licensing affordable to all including SME.

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                      I think this comes down to a specific user. One could argue that if no other accounts are created and only guest accounts are available they are assigned to random guests.


                      Concurrent connections will get expensive real real soon.

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                        Calculation Creator@Though completing up to PhD, I got the certification in Filemaker accepting that Filemaker got a high potential in Data Operations as well as Web Front, as mentioned in the previous post, when you create the Front-end, you will get the sophisticated back-end too. I had a firm stand that Filemaker is competitive even with high-end Database Systems such as MS SQL & Oracle. The universities I worked still keeping their large number of Filemaker Databases as it is very popular among staff appealing to a starter to advanced users with high-end Plug-in programming. Wish that Filemaker will be clear with the Concurrent access, there is no doubt that it will have a potential.


                        Having some experience in ICT regulation some resolutions reaching up to World Trade Organisation level, for information, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recommendations for pricing, Displaying prices | ACCC