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    webdirect address


      I've enabled Webdirect, and installed FM Server and can access my application fine with FM.  But where do I find the URL for accessing it via Webdirect? 

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          typically this is



          'host' being the IP or domain (and port, if necessary)


          https may also be required instead of http.


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            I just did this yesterday. 


            https://domain-name or ip-address/fmi/webd


            It didn't work for me.  I tried with three different browsers.  I went to Network Operations.  He was able to pull up the file on Webdirect.  So, it does work .  I just need to ask for my technical difficulties.

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              What about the port?


              Do you have access to the Admin Console? I believe it will tell you what IP/domain and possibly what port.


              Did you try the test page to the Sample database when you first set up?



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                I do have access to the Console.  I did not try a test page with the sample.  Webdirect is a secondary concern to my goal.  I have three payable files and one receivable file that I have been hosting locally.  If I am out, the files are not opened for my two co-workers to access. 


                I got the developer version to learn about FMS.  And, to have better management of the four files.  There are some potential projects using FMP for inventory and such.  So I did not initially try webdirect. 


                The Manager in our NOC was able to view the receivable file via webdirect.  So I know the server is configured correctly.  Now I just need to determine (with his help) what the problem is for the workstations. 


                Beverly, on a side note I uploaded on file.  There is a problem.  According to Console, one file is only accessible via webdirect.  The Manager in our NOC was able to open this file.  But, I cannot remove through the Console.  I need to upload a file with the correct security.  Is it safe to delete a file outside of the Console, from File Explorer?

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                  ah, did you have the Extended Privileges set for Web Direct (and the Accounts that can use it)?

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                    I am guessing I made a bone-head mistake and did not have the "right-stuff" clicked as I did with the other files I uploaded to the server.  Now it is a matter of trying to correct the problem.  The problem file is one I work with solely, however, I am trying to get it adopted by the department.  It my scanned invoices.


                    While I cannot eliminate paper, I can work around that.  I have been doing it a year, so there is some good historical data to illustrate the positives.  Everyone in the department has a version of Filemaker Pro (13, 14, and 15).  When 16 comes out, I plan to upgrade everyone to that, for consistency.