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Question asked by nonsequitur on Apr 27, 2017
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This is either not possible or so simple I am just missing the subtlety.  I have three tables.  The following data is an oversimplification, but works for discussion.


Table 1: Part_Description




Table 2: Part_Properties




Table 3: Part_Desc_Prop





Relationships are established between Part_Description and Part_Desc_Prop on Part_Number and Part_Properties and Part_Desc_Prop on Property_Key.  Members of each table for discussion purposes would be



PID00001 Honey

PID00002 Molassas



1 Color

2 Appearance



PID00001  1  light brown

PID00001  2  sticky

PID00002  1  dark brown

PID00002  2  sap like

In my layout, for the Part Description (and it may be so simple as I am laying it out on the wrong view) I have the Part_Number, Part_Description but I would like to assign the various properties to specific fields i.e.


Part Number: [PID00001]    Part Description: [Honey]

Color: [light brown]               Appearance: [Sticky]


This works fine when using a portal.  But when I try to access the data in discrete fields, using "Display Data From" in the Inspector, I can only access the first record in the record set.  I've even tried to assign calculation fields with no success.


Part Number: [PID00001]    Part Description: [Honey]

Color: [light brown]               Appearance: [light brown]


I figure there has to be a way to show the data in fields and not just in the portal.  But because I need to be able to view and modify the data as appropriate a list won't work on the same layout a list won't work, at least as I understand it.  There is some subtlety I am missing about how to access subsequent records in the join table record set, am I trying to access the data from the wrong layout?  If I use a different layout I still have the issue of being able to only access the first returned record.


Any answers anyone may have on this issue would be much appreciated.