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FileMaker Cloud Backup Snapshot: Instance Fully Backed Up

Question asked by bradduncan on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by bradduncan

Hey FileMaker Community!


Today, our team got a bill from AWS which was exponentially high, but this was due to each Snapshot (every 20 minutes) being stored on S3. The solution in total uses around 10mb, and the instance we are running has 40GB. Each snapshot is a replica of the drive, so each auto-snapshot taken is 40GB each!!! This has caused a tremendous bill, with Amazon charging us for S2 storage at around 40GB * 504 (the weekly limit is 504).


As far as I'm aware, we should only be billed for the storage taken from the slight variations/changes to the solution, which accumulative would not even exceed 1GB, and we only have 4 preserved backups. As I speak, we are getting billed due to not being able to turn off the snapshots! Agghhhhh!!!


Has anyone here experienced this type of billing before? Also is this expected behavior? Is there anyway I can turn off/limited the backup in the meanwhile?


Thank you in advance for reading this! Any insight would be really appreciated!