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Results based on an optional parameter

Question asked by jackmac on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Jason Wood

Hi all,


I have a script I use on three different buttons - economy of scripting on my part which seems to work.  It basically extracts information from a table.  On two of the buttons I use an optional parameter which changes direction the script as in


1)     Country = 'UK'


2)     Active = 'Yes'


Both of these parameters work perfectly well.  I want to add a parameter to another button which effectively says 'filter on whatever county shows in the county search box'. (I have a drop-down box with all counties listed, I want the result of the drop down to be the parameter result.)


I have tried

County = CountySearch

County = 'CountySearch'

County = "CountySearch"


with no effect.  Can anyone advise how I can get the parameter to filter based on whatever is found in the CountySearch box?