Moving signatures with attributes

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I'm capturing signatures using Insert From Device into a global field in a record set that gets wiped as soon as it is sent of for external processing. All of the data in the record is gathered into a JSON array before wiping except the captured signature. This is captured into table A. Table A has only global fields, and does not retain any data once its sent off for processing.


I've used Base 64 Encode to capture the signature into a variable and store it there until I get the results back from the external API call and if the resulting JSON returns a positive result I create a new record in table B, split the JSON array up and either insert into fields. The signature is inserted into its container in table B using Base 64 Decode.


Now, this all works. But...


The signature attributes are now the attributes of an image and not a signature. This would normally not be an issue, but the signature is a legally binding approval and one of the attributes for a signature is a timestamp stating when it was signed.


Are there any ideas on how to achieve this move without using Base 64 Encoding and move the container contents as is. Table A and Table B are not related. They can be, but I'd be happy to keep them apart as we're processing sensitive information and there cannot be any traces of those details anywhere in the system. I can retain the signature in table A during JSON processing and wipe it after I create the result record in table B. I have not had any luck with populating a container in table B based a related container record in table A. Perhaps I've missed or overlooked something - but this has led me to the conclusion that you can't populate container contents based on a relationship.


See the attributes below, signature attributes enhanced in bold







Filename: Signature 26-03-2017 00.04.58.png

Storage Type: External (Secure)

MD5: E2F40405EB6ACA476DCA44C0CB86E090

File Size: 59554

Internal Size: 153

External Size: 59554

External Files: 1




Signed: 26.03.2017 00:04:59







Filename: Signature 27-04-2017 23.40.48.png

Storage Type: External (Secure)

MD5: D931DC56E801C019A193F0CC94EA95C5

File Size: 27508

Internal Size: 121

External Size: 27508

External Files: 1




Width: 805

Height: 385

DPI Width: 72

DPI Height: 72

Transparency: 1 (True)