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Server Scheduled Emails with PDF Reports: How are you doing this in 2017

Question asked by Dobieg5750 on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by beverly

Hey all - it's been a while since I've seen work-arounds or solutions (or simply just posts that say "you can't save PDF's on the Server" and thought I'd re-visit this question.


My problem: I'd love to take information on one of my layouts, create a PDF version of this, schedule an email on my server and have this PDF emailed me on a regular basis.

I get that some of the replies on this say that the Server cannot create a PDF and so this doesn't work.


My current 'work-around' is to


  • Set variables for $Filename, $Filepath and end it with a ".xlsx" to make it an Excel document (only format I can manage to use in this process since PDF's aren't an option
  • "Export Records" with the $Filepath
  • Send Mail and include the $Filepath in order to attach the file to the email


This gets me a scheduled email that has an excel file attached with the data from the layout inserted.


But man do I wish we could have the fancy reports we've designed (with all the glorious formatting) to be auto-generated and sent out.


So my question is how are YOU handling this type of scenario? Are there work-arounds that I'm missing somewhere (with or without 3rd party assistance/plug-ins/etc)?