Passing Through Variables to PSoS

Discussion created by Dobieg5750 on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by bigtom

Hey all - just thought I'd ask how you pass along variable data from the client to the server when running a Script On Server.


Currently, I create a dummy table in which I pass along Global Variables ($$) to the fields (deleting all records, adding new record, set field) in a record, jumping to my PSoS script, going to that table and pulling the values from the 1st record (only having created a single record) and assigning them to Globals ($$) on the server side for ease of calculation scripts here.


This was the only thing holding me back from running lengthly and timely scripts on the server....couldn't figure out a good way of sharing data that wasn't getting over to the server. This is my work-around and of course I'm now flying through what was burdensome lag on running scripts (push button/go refill coffee).


Anyway, how do YOU do this? Any more efficient ways of getting simple values from the client to the server side of things for quick scripts and calcs?